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What is A Summary Release From Administration used for?
In the state of Ohio A Summary Release from Administration is used to release funds in bank accounts,
 and it even be used to help release motor vehicles, trailers, stocks, bonds, or even real property.


Considering a codicil? Learn why it may be better to just draft a new will instead
Read this article to learn more about why it is far "safer idea," for most people, to draft-up a new will.
Learn why the cost is generally the same as a codicil and it avoids ambiguities and disputes later on.

"It's important to consult with a trusted probate attorney before making changes to your will."

The professional and experienced lawyers Laribee & Hertrick, LLC, in Medina, Ohio
will always work hard with you to make sure that the document complies with the
current Ohio law and will serve your testamentary intent, exactly as you request.

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