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Laribee & Hertrick, LLP has a long history of representing children in juvenile court. Often times, parents will call our office to say that their child has been arrested. For any parent, this is a harrowing ordeal. For some delinquency offenses, juveniles may be detained in state facilities until they turn 21-years-old. For others offenses, children may be held in a local detention center for 90 days or be placed on probation or other orders including court-mandated counseling, anger management classes, drug and alcohol counseling, house arrest, electronic monitoring, and drug screens. Juveniles have the same civil rights as adults and it is important that an attorney is present to make sure that the juvenile’s rights are protected. Rehabilitation of youth still remains a major goal of juvenile court cases. Our attorneys work with the family to defend the child’s rights vigorously, explain the process, and reduce the chances of an adjudication which could negatively impact the child’s future education and employment opportunities.

Our firm has experience with the following:

• Juvenile Delinquencies (misdemeanor and felony offenses)
• Juvenile Traffic Offenders
• Probation Violations
• Truancies
• Unruly Child Allegations


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