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The attorneys at Laribee & Hertrick, LLP have vast experience counseling clients through probate court matters.  The English noun "probate" derives from the Latin verb probare which means to try, test, prove, and examine. Most people associate probate with the administration of estates whereby a court confirms the legal validity of a will and grants an executor the power to pay debts and distribute property to a decedent’s heirs.  There are several other matters which are handled exclusively by probate court in Ohio which range from birth to death.  Our attorneys in Medina, Ohio routinely assist with the following:

Administration of Estates

Estate administration is the process by which a court oversees the transfer of a decedent's assets to his beneficiaries and heirs. The court will appoint a fiduciary, either an executor or an administrator, to collects the assets, to pay any outstanding debts, and then to distribute the remaining assets to those who are entitled to receive them.  We represent fiduciaries in navigating this complex process to make sure that all assets are distributed in an orderly and legal fashion. 

Guardianships (Incompetent and Minor)

A probate court may appoint a guardian for an individual who is found to be incompetent to handle his or her own affairs. The attorneys at Laribee & Hertrick in Medina county, Ohio are able to represent clients in the application to become guardians.  We assist our clients in the process of compiling the inventory of the ward’s assets and providing the court with the required accountings detailing expenditures made on behalf of the ward.  At times, our attorneys represent the ward to prevent a guardianship from being established.  We also assist in the application for the guardianship of minors when children under the age of 18 years are in the need of court protection and supervision.


All adoptions in the state of Ohio must be approved by the probate court before they become final.  Our attorneys assist clients with all aspects of the adoption process including preparing the petition, facilitating background checks and home studies, and obtaining the necessary consents to makes sure each adoption is legally and efficiently handled.  We handle the following types of adoptions

Agency: An agency licensed by the State of Ohio originates the adoption process, approves the placement, conducts the home study, and recommends the adoption to the court.

Independent Adoption: There is no licensed adoption agency involved. Often, independent adoptions involve family members seeking to adopt grandchildren, nieces, or nephews. 

Step-parent: The person seeking to adopt a minor is either a step-father or step-mother.

Changes of Name

Our firm assists individuals in the application to change their legal name.

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